If you’re interested in purchasing digital prints, canvases, etc., please e-mail your order details to Thumbstop Images (GMail).

I’m not trying to make a million-dollars overnight, as nice as that might sound.  Honestly, making money is near the bottom of my list of priorities.  However, I’d be silly not to at least entertain the thought.  Anyhow, I understand the struggle is very real and I’m not certainly not looking to put anyone in the poorhouse.  That said, I’m absolutely open to price negotiations.

Be sure to include:

  • Exactly which print it is you’re interested in
  • Which style you prefer (i.e., digital print, canvas, etc.)
  • Your shipping information (if applicable)

I’ll be handling transactions thru Venmo/PayPal until I better figure out this whole “e-commerce” thing, if that suits you.