It’s roughly 5:30AM. 

 I’m bouncing between either side of the Roger Williams statue in search of a proper shot, when this couple enters the fold. The man appears to be a photographer of some sort, and his companion seems to be thoroughly enjoying his company, as well as the view. Not long thereafter, the man removed his camera from its carrying-case and asked the young woman to pose against the fence, with the Downtown Providence skyline at her back. Just then, in a moment of heartwarming romance, he muttered: “Alright, darling. I’ll need a smile even brighter than this sunrise reflecting against those buildings out there—which, for you, has never been a problem.” And, in an instant, it was almost as if the skyline had all but disappeared.


I’d been on a mission to capture a sunset at Watch Hill, Rhode Island.  This particular evening, I don’t think I traveled any less than 85MPH from Seekonk to Westerly to make it on-time.  You see, my original plan was to arrive roughly two-hours prior to sunset, find the famed Watch Hill Lighthouse, and set-up shop there.  Problem is, I decided to take a nap before embarking on said journey.  Needless to say, things didn’t go as hoped.  Alas, I pulled-up to the docks just as you enter town at just the perfect time.