Thanks for taking a few moments to check out my content here at!  My name is Raymond and I am so very excited to share some of my works with all of you.

First, since the majority of you are likely befuddled by my site’s title, please allow me to provide a brief backstory on what the hell a “thumbstop” is exactly.  I owe credit for the term to a friend and/or business partner of Gary Vaynerchuk, in truth.  I was watching a recent vlog of his and overheard someone in his office use the term thumbstopper.  I had to rewind the clip to listen again more closely, as I wasn’t sure I’d understood him clearly.  Alas, I’d heard him correctly and I immediately pictured myself scrolling-thru my Instagram or Facebook feed paying absolutely no mind to anything that passes by — that is, of course, until something POPS! and forces me to literally “stop my thumb” from scrolling.  See what I did there?

(And by “I”, I mean Gary Vee’s pal.  I don’t need that kind of legal trouble in my life.)

I’ve always been “that guy” who needs to take his phone out and take pictures or record EVERYTHING.  Social-media has its hooks in me something fierce, so I’m quick to share my experiences or things I found photo-worthy on all major outlets: Snapchat (‘RCBphotography’, for those who wish to follow), Instagram, Facebook, etcetera.

It wasn’t until this past Christmas, however, until I was gifted my very-first professional camera by my lovely girlfriend, Jamie Elise.  It seems she’d heard me talk about longing for one so often that she decided to shut me up once-and-for-all.  What a woman!

Since then, I’ve been putting every effort into fine-tuning my craft in the hopes of providing all of you with quality content.  It is worth noting, of course, that I have ZERO photography experience nor have I ever been enrolled in any sort of photography courses.  I’m learning as I go along, using tips and techniques picked-up along the way by fellow, local photographers.  I feel it’s important to state publicly that I would absolutely still have my training-wheels on if it weren’t for the careful guidance, helpful advice, and unwavering support of fellow photographers and great friends Kayla and Pierre.  These two are both phenomenal photographers and amazing people.  Thanks, you two!

And so, for you and I collectively, I shall continue to scour Southern New England for primo shooting locations, in order to post nothing but A+ content and showcase my growth as an artist along the way.  I do hope you’ll opt to ‘Follow’, or, if not, periodically check back for new material.  Thanks again so much for checking-out THUMBSTOP IMAGES.

In the steadfast pursuit of ideal lighting, I remain,

Sincerely yours,


Raymond C. Bolduc

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